Michael Kitts

Lead Partner, National Human Services Sector

Michael Kitts

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Michael is a Partner in Deloitte’s Consulting practice based in Sydney. He leads our Human Services sector, focusing on aged care, disability services, domestic violence and child protection. Michael is also the Lead Client Service Partner for NSW Health.

A qualified accountant and an ex-government CFO, Michael worked with the UK government for 18 years before moving across to professional services. For the past 18 years, he has worked in consulting supporting the government and healthcare sectors in both Australia and the UK.

Michael is highly regarded for his work in the human services sector, particularly around how the social support sector can better integrate with healthcare to respond to the individual needs of our most vulnerable citizens. He has a real focus on ‘seeing things from the other end of the telescope’ – how care can be organised to better reflect what matters to vulnerable Australians rather than an approach based on ‘provider push’, as can too often be the case.

Michael is passionate about adopting a more outcomes-based approach to health and care, securing wellness and impact that matters to the recipients of care.

Michael Kitts