Miriam Romaniuk

Director, Enterprise Adaptability, Human Capital

Miriam Romaniuk

477 Collins Street





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I specialise in Enterprise Agility in Deloitte’s Consulting Practice, bringing people together to solve for the most challenging problems organisations encounter though reimagining the way they think and respond. I focus on how organisations increase their adaptability in the way they organise, work and lead.

I have worked with a wide variety of teams, leaders, and organisations to re-wire their management philosophy to become adaptable organisations and enable the shift in thinking to improve their ability to adapt rapidly to customer and market driven changes. I am an experienced leader with deep expertise in building and coaching high performing leaders and teams which is the cornerstone of adaptable organisations. I have a strong focus on clarity and consensus in complex environments and have significant experience where strategic intuition and sensitivity in communication is key, fostering an agility mindset in leadership to enable a culture of transparency and accountability.

Miriam Romaniuk