Phil Williams

Specialist Leader, Risk Advisory

Phil Williams

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Phil is a Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor and Director in Deloitte’s Sustainability and Climate Change team. He has 13 years of experience working in sustainability and has led Deloitte’s Safeguard Rule assurance and advisory services since the inception of the legislation.

Phil has a wealth of experience in providing carbon and energy and broader sustainability reporting services, having worked with many of Australia’s largest and most complex organisations, predominantly in the Energy and Resources sector.

Phil has a process improvement background and is also a Certified Internal Auditor. By coupling his strong understanding of process risks and controls, with his knowledge of carbon and energy, Safeguard and sustainability reporting processes, Phil is able to provide efficient services and relevant improvement recommendations to help organisations draw value out of compliance activities to complement their broader sustainability strategy.

Phil is known for his ability to manage and deliver high quality engagements which, when coupled with his pragmatic approach, have been key to assisting many entities not only comply with relevant legislation, but also enhance their sustainability disclosures and strategy.

Phil Williams