Rimmal Nadeem

Consultant – AI & Automation

Rimmal Nadeem

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Rimmal is a Consultant in the Data and AI Consulting team and is experienced in process re-engineering, robotics process automation and machine learning. Rimmal is an advanced process automation professional and has been engaged in development, debugging and ownership of multiple business processes from different operation units.
Rimmal has experience in automating processes in various environments (Citrix, Web, Desktop) and has also administered and provided support for the configuration and deployment of multiple bots. Rimmal is also experienced in process re-engineering, business process mapping, future state designs and Records Management.
Outside of Deloitte, Rimmal has a degree in software engineering and is hence proficient in coding in multiple languages i.e. C, Python, Java etc. with also some experience in web development.

Rimmal Nadeem