Scott Jermy

Director, Algorithm Assurance

Scott Jermy

Level 9, Grosvenor Place

225 George Street





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Scott currently works as Global Project Lead for Algorithm Assurance. Having joined Deloitte from the banking industry, Scott specialises in Banking and Treasury Capital Markets, in particular within the area of algorithmic risk assurance. Scott has worked for Deloitte in London and New York, prior to joining Deloitte in Australia.

Scott and his team support Deloitte’s banking and cross-sector clients in managing their algorithmic risk, through providing assurance and advice over algorithmic governance and controls frameworks.

Currently, Scott is a member of the AI Institute Working Group in Australia. Globally Scott is a member of the Global Algorithm Assurance Central Team, as well as co-ordinator of the EMEA, Asia Pacific, North America and SLATAM Algorithm Assurance working groups.

Scott Jermy