Serene Chia

Senior Consultant, Consulting

Serene Chia

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Serene is a Senior Consultant in the Performance Automate Consulting practice. Serene is experienced in end to end delivery of Automation and Big Data solutions. Serene has worked on various Automation delivery projects across telecommunications, legal, health and government industries. In doing so, Serene leverages skill sets in business process improvement, automation, data insight and agile ways of working to ensure delivery of tangible benefits to an organisation. Throughout her automation delivery experience, Serene has worked with various automation technologies, including Robotics Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition and Self-Service Data Analytics and assessed best fit of various automation capabilities across an organisation’s value chain.

Serene’s most recent engagement involved devising the strategy in leveraging various automation capabilities across a value chain, and creating a Proof of Concept for an integrated automation solution between RPA and ICR capabilities. The proof of concept was proven to provide considerable benefits to the organisation and is now being implemented into operation.

Serene Chia