Deloitte CIS Transparency Report 2015

We are focused on improving transparency and business ethics in the CIS, which in turn relates to the important responsibility we have as auditors and our working relationships with audit committees, regulators and government bodies. Within our firm, we strive to maintain an exemplary culture of professional excellence, audit quality, and leading the public accounting profession. We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to improve audit quality, and have invested heavily in our Audit practice in the form of enhanced tools and methodologies, recruitment programmes and training. It continues to be a focal point for quality and risk management.

The last financial year has been defined by volatility and the CIS region is likely to experience challenges ahead. By shaping our strategy to best serve the needs of investors, the companies and organisations with which we work, we continue to contribute to the continual transformation of the CIS economies and make an impact that matters on our clients and the communities where we operate. I hope that this report gives you a deeper understanding of our dedication and commitment.

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