Beyond retention

Build passion and purpose

Survey respondents say retention and engagement is the second biggest human capital challenge they face (after leadership gaps). What’s the secret to becoming a “talent magnet” in the coming years?

Retention and engagement was the No. 2 priority by all organizations in our global survey, rated even higher in priority by business leaders than HR. Meeting the challenge, however, is no small feat. Employees today (particularly Millennials) are looking for employers that inspire passion and allow them to fulfill their professional, personal, and social goals. They no longer look for a lifelong career with one employer, but rather see each job as a “tour of duty.”

To be seen as an employer of choice, companies should shift away from a traditional focus on “engagement” and “keeping people from leaving” toward a focus on “attracting and inspiring people” by delivering a fulfilling work experience that aligns personal and corporate goals. Read how companies are rethinking the decades-old engagement problem and moving far away from the annual survey toward an environment that fosters ongoing passion and commitment.

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