Management accounting and reporting


Management accounting and reporting

Create a singular, integrated management data system built into the management system at every level of decision making;

Introduce a tool to support management policy on operations and business strategy, eliminate data duplication and maintain authenticity of financial and non-financial performance indicators;

Create or expand a reporting package for external users by including important indicators of management performance. These include profitability of production and sales margins; cost analysis; debtor and creditor analysis and variance analysis;

Systematise financial and non-financial indicators for decision making and achieving goals.

Goals and Challenges

We offer a full range of solutions that allow you to identify, assess, collect, analyze and interpret management information allowing you to efficiently direct company performance.

We are experienced in developing and improving management accounting procedures and systems across a range of industries. Our knowledge of industry best practice, will help you to  create an integrated management reporting system for all operational functions, subsidiaries, units, centres of responsibility, KPIs, management information blocks, contractors and IT support systems.

Our professionals can help you implement systems for aligning management reporting with international financial reporting standards, and automating management reporting.

Our services

Depending on a company’s business and the current extent of financial/management accounting and planning functions, a project may involve establishing separate management reporting components or creating and implementing a comprehensive solution.

Our approach to implementing a management reporting system starts with a diagnostics of the existing system and then developing a rationale for management accounting, ending with support for the introduction of automated transaction accounting, data processing and reporting solutions.

Our approach also actively engages your team in the project, significantly reducing  the time they need to learn how to carry out their duties in light of any changes

Our approach

The key benefit is higher quality management reporting, prepared more quickly.

Developing management accounting and reporting systems results in the following:

  • An album of reporting forms containing a set of financial and non-financial performance indicators, giving the level of detail required for various user groups;
  • Management accounting policy and description of management reporting principles;
  • Analytical data books used for gathering data used for calculating and analysing indicators;
  • Algorithms for calculating management reporting indicators;
  • A model in MS Excel or similar system for producing a management reporting package based on actual and planned data;
  • Regulations for management data gathering and reporting, specifying timing and employee responsibilities;
  • Training of company staff on autonomous preparation of management reports.

How your business will benefit