Risk services

The Risk services offered by Deloitte CIS provide solutions and frameworks in the areas of risk analytics and measurement, risk reporting, and risk data management to help companies design, implement, and improve their infrastructure (processes, data, and technology) related to specific risks (e.g., governance, strategy and planning, operations/infrastructure, compliance, and reporting) affecting the organization. This includes data analytic techniques to enable ongoing monitoring, the build-out of data management capabilities, and development of KPIs.

We work with organizations to implement risk appetite and utilization monitoring capabilities and to establish related risk governance structures needed across the enterprise. Deloitte CIS professionals can assist with developing a strategic approach to managing risk that simultaneously addresses management expectations and provides solutions for both risk management and regulatory compliance.

The Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Management services focus on designing, implementing, and improving specific risk capabilities such as the following:

  • Risk governance and oversight
  • Risk policies and procedures
  • Risk identification and assessment support
  • RCSA programs
  • Risk analytics


Risk assessment, monitoring and management

The Risk Benchmarking and Analysis services assist clients in assessing and benchmarking risk management capabilities against regulatory requirements and industry practice expectations.

Risk benchmarking and analysis

Risk Management Processes and Systems services include assisting  clients with evaluating risk management process efficiency and effectiveness considerations.

Risk management processes and systems

The Risk Reporting and Monitoring service focus on assisting clients with the establishment of a documented and consistent reporting process for management and regulatory risk reporting.

Risk reporting and monitoring

The Risk Management Implementation and training services focus on assistance with developing and rolling out varied role-based, risk-oriented training for managers and employees involved in the risk management process.

Risk management implementation and training

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