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World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum sponsors a variety of initiatives, projects, and communities that identify and advance distinctive global issues relevant to their constituents. The result of these collaborations is greater understanding, tangible support, direction, and solutions that shape global, regional, and industry agendas. Deloitte is active in the Chemicals, Investors and Aviation and Travel industry partnerships as well as the Partnering Against Corruption Initiative, Forum of Young Global Leaders, and Global Agenda Councils (GACs).

Industry Partnership Programme

The Industry Partnership Programme is an exclusive community of peers who define and address critical industry issues through a shared learning and action-oriented platform. This diverse group combines its effort not only to improve Partner industries but also to work towards improving the public good.

Details of Deloitte's 2013/14 Industry projects are listed below.

Chemicals: "Collaborative Innovation: Future of Biorefineries, Energy Harnessing, Emerging Industry Ecospheres"

(Deloitte represented by Duane Dickson and Fabian Siegrist)

The Collaborative Innovation project is a multi-year project which has been kicked-off in 2009 when the World Economic Forum’s Chemical Industry team convened a community of Chief Innovation & Technology Officers from various industries to engage with policy-makers, experts, academics and NGOs to identify key global megatrends, challenges and related innovation needs. This serves as a platform to select projects and initiatives that would significantly contribute to addressing and mitigating these challenges by means of collaborative innovation among businesses, government and civil society. Currently, the project consists of two different platforms.

  1. 3B Platform (Biorefineries, Biotechnology, Bioenergy): Biorefineries are seen as one solution to address some of the most pressing mega challenges such as climate protection, environment and energy. The platform – with regional platform events hosted in Brazil, China, India, and North America – aims at establishing permanent dialogue and collaboration among the key stakeholders along the value chain to address the technical, strategic and commercial challenges of developing a sustainable and integrated biorefineries landscape. Key topics centre around policy & regulation, feedstock, technology and commercialisation.
  2. Energy Harnessing: the global energy harnessing framework is changing significantly due to a number of factors such as the ever increasing energy demand and the growing importance of integrating renewable energy. This sub-project aims at addressing key challenges and opportunities in Energy Harnessing  where innovative solutions are needed that can only be developed in collaboration. The current project and task force focus are Shale Gas, Mobility Storage Solutions, Large Scale Grid Storage Solutions, and Emerging Technologies (with projected impact in 10+ years).

Financial Services: "Mainstreaming Sustainable and Impact Investing"

(Deloitte represented by Chris Harvey and Erik Classon)

Mainstreaming Impact Investing is a continuation of the Forum’s multi-year initiative on sustainable and impact investing.  Over the last few years, a tremendous amount of buzz has been generated around the term “impact investing” yet there is limited consensus among mainstream investors on what impact investing is, what asset classes are most relevant, how the ecosystem is structured, and what constraints the sector faces. Investors are left to navigate the complexity of this emerging sector on their own, and thus form their own perspectives, and at times biases, about what impact investing promises and ultimately delivers. In line with the Forum’s objectives, the project aims to affirm the economic case for impact investing by working with existing initiatives and connecting impact investors with mainstream investors. In addition, it aims to mitigate a recent trend towards 'hype' by supplying credible viewpoints on the development of the investment approach over the next years.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI): "Aviation & Travel Deep Dive Review"

(Deloitte represented by Chip Cottrell)

The Safeguarding Aviation, Travel and Tourism Value Chains Against Corruption projectled by the Aviation & Travel Community in collaboration with the Forum’s Partnership Against Corruption Initiative explores the unique corruption and transparency challenges facing the Aviation & Travel industry sectors (aerospace, aviation and hospitality) and aims to achieve a sectoral commitment to a mutually developed framework for transparent, accountable and responsible industry practices. The project prioritizes, explores and gathers insights on the Aviation & Travel cross-sector- and sector- specific corruption risks identified by the project task force, such as the use and relationship with third parties, joint ventures, franchisees and partnerships, facilitation payments, loyalty programmes, gifts, entertainment and hospitality. For each risk, recommendations are being put forward for additional safeguards to strengthen companies compliance programmes. In addition to the risk assessment, the project achieves something unique: a CEO-level commitment to a mutually developed collective action agenda to fight corruption, calling for open, accountable and responsible practices at the global and regional level. 

Young Global Leaders (YGL)

Each year the World Economic Forum identifies 200-300 extraordinary individuals, drawn from every region of the world. A Young Global Leader must be under 40 years of age, have a recognized record of extraordinary achievement, be in a leadership position and have a track record in public service oriented activities or have shown a commitment to enhancing the public good/commitment to serve society.  Deloitte is currently represented by:

  • Dave Hanley
  • David Hill
  • Dora Liu
  • Tebogo Swambane
  • Richard Punt (YGL Alumni)

Global Agenda Councils

Global Agenda Councils are incubators for ideas, providing a space for thought leaders from all backgrounds to create solutions and help solve some of the world's most pressing issues.  Each Council monitors the most important developments and trends within its given field of expertise, challenges prevailing assumptions and proposes recommendations to address global challenges.

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