The four pillars of a Best Managed Company

Best Managed Companies Azerbaijan


Alignment & implementation

  • Clear choices are made & focus defined
  • Clear communication through the company and process to ensure alignment
  • A rigorous approach to assess and adapt the strategy on a regular basis by leadership team
  • Strong vision on digitalisation and sustainability



Assets & innovation

  • Attracting & retaining the right person in the right place
  • Processes & systems in place to secure aligned decision taking
  • Intentional approach to innovation that leads to sustainable growth


Talent engagement & leadership

  • Solid processes for performance review & talent development
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Continuity of business ensured by a thoughtful succession plan
  • Deep attention to building a ‘one-team’ culture, creating alignment and maintaining commitment to the vision


Business insights & governance

  • Strong reporting of what is relevant to steer the company
  • Good risk management and controls in place
  • A healthy balance sheet
  • Top quartile financial performance with sustainable growth
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