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There are more than 150 Deloitte Alumni in Azerbaijan. Today most of them hold senior positions at companies in all leading industries and sectors of the economy. Of course, we are extremely proud of each and every one of them. We strive to help our people to become professionals, wherever their careers may lead them. We never forget our Alumni and always look forward to meeting them again. Let’s stay in touch!

Alumni Newsletter 2016

We are pleased to introduce to you the fifth edition of the Alumni Newsletter for February 2016. We left behind an eventful and interesting year. Winter is a busy time in the company, and this issue of the newsletter introduces you to new topics, and provides some insight into most notable events of 2015 summary. Read more: 

Alumni Newsletter 5th edition 2016

Alumni Newsletter 2015

We are pleased to introduce to you the fourth edition of the Alumni Newsletter for September 2015. The summer break passed by fast and we are already in the third half of 2015. We hope that you had an exciting summer and that you managed to have a wonderful time refreshing and rebooting. Some interesting events took place at Deloitte
during this period and we would like to reflect on them and share some thoughts with our alumni. To read more:



Alumni Newsletter 4th edition 2015

Alumni Newsletter 2015

We are pleased to introduce to you the third edition of the Alumni Newsletter for May 2015. Highlights of the latest company news, events, achievements, rewards for our current employees and alumni are presented in this edition of the Alumni Newsletter.

Alumni Newsletter 3rd edition 2015

Alumni Newsletter 2014

Welcome you to the second edition of the Alumni Network Newsletter for 2014.To join Deloitte Azerbaijan Alumni and Employees Group, please register through your LinkedIn account.  

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