Impelling Internship at Deloitte


Impelling Internship at Deloitte

Sevda Rza speaks about her intern experience with Deloitte.

Deloitte is not my first working place, but so far it is the best experience and the reason is surely the working environment here. Among the places where I have worked before, people at Deloitte are especially energetic, positive, young, not only physically, but mentally as well and surely passionate about what they do. Moreover, I have to admit, to my experience Deloitte is the only place besides my ADA University, where you can feel and experience international atmosphere in Baku. 

Overall experience at Deloitte was saturated and productive for me, because I started working at Talent team right at the peak of the recruitment process. Every day there were lots of people whom I called, talked to, whom I met and made my small contribution to matching different candidates with this great organization. Hope, I could help Deloitte to find and recruit the best and the most suitable candidates.

I have gained extensive skills in coordination of recruitment activities that included scheduling, organizing and invigilating of exams, as well as making interview appointments with candidates.

If someone asks me, was it challenging? Of course yes, because what is not challenging - is not interesting, and as I said before, working experience at Deloitte was the most interesting in my life! Starting at a new place with unfamiliar people is always challenging, especially when you are about to work with not the numbers, but people, what is Talent team’s work about. However, all the challenges were overcame, thanks to the great, supportive team spirit that is present at the Deloitte. 

I always thought that you cannot chose where to proceed career if you haven’t tried yourself in several spheres, especially when you have studied Business Administration, such a broad field. I keep thinking that way, but with working experience at Deloitte, now I have a clear understanding what Talent team’s work is about, although there is not a room, but maybe a huge hall to improve and deepen my knowledge. 

I liked Corporate Culture of Deloitte extremely much, as well as the Team spirit. People working here are very supportive, caring, beautiful inside, versatile, and what is the most important – are role model of real Specialists who know what, how and why they do what they do, ability that is very important to seize for young talents as me. 

I would like to express my gratitude to the whole Deloitte team headed by experienced Partners and Managers, masters of their craft, for giving me the opportunity to work and be the part of Deloitte Family! 




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