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Mammad Rahim Hasanli, Audit Assistant, Deloitte Azerbaijan

“After graduating from the University of Toronto in Canada, I did not know where my life would take me. Although I had the freedom to go anywhere and do whatever I wanted, I decided to come back to Azerbaijan and pursue a career that matched my values, beliefs, and goals.” — Mammad Rahim Hasanli, Audit Assistant, Deloitte Azerbaijan

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Rahim graduated from high school in Baku and received a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Toronto in Canada. According to Rahim, “Specialising in accounting for my economics degree proved to be not only very interesting, but also incredibly useful. At the university, I made the dean’s list for the first three years in a row. I also interned at a telecommunications company and loved the people there, but sought work that was more varied.”

After returning to Baku, Rahim started searching for local opportunities.  I was looking for a change, which finally occurred on the day when I first came across Deloitte’s job announcement.” After a series of interviews, Rahim finally landed his dream job. He was hired as a full-time audit assistant at Deloitte Azerbaijan in September 2015.

“If you had asked me when I was still attending university in Canada whether I see myself as an auditor living in Baku, I would not have even considered it. However, I am very happy where I am today,” Rahim stated.

Mammad Rahim Hasanli

Rahim's keys to success

"Be ambitious, self-motivated, and disciplined"

Start to an incredible career path

As an audit assistant on his current project, Rahim works five days per week at the client’s site. He also gets to work alongside a variety of people from the Audit team at Deloitte, including seniors, managers and others.

Rahim faced his first challenge during his first engagement project. “Working at a client site and interviewing the clients who had the same level of work experience as me seemed really odd and even scary.”

At this point, Rahim has been with Deloitte Azerbaijan for almost four months and he already feels that he is an integral part of the team, “It was only a month after we started working here that the office began to feel like a second home. Not only were we working, but we were also enjoying interacting with one another."

Beyond the every-day work, he relishes all other aspects of working at Deloitte.

For example, Rahim is very enthusiastic about football as well as other sports. Attending weekly football games with colleagues is a good chance to relax and interact in an informal setting.

#Rahim in 140 characters or less

“Baku-born audit assistant and football enthusiast. A beer lover who is also fascinated with science, particularly cosmology.”

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