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Elnur Gurbanov

Without the Deloitte team I would never have achieved what I have

Elnur Gurbanov, Partner, Assurance and Advisory Services

I am a Partner at the Deloitte Baku office, heading up the Assurance and Advisory Services group. I began my professional career with another Big Four firm in 1998 in Azerbaijan, joining Deloitte in October 2002 as a Manager and worked at the firm’s Minsk and Moscow offices, where I was an assurance manager responsible for multinational and local clients. I participated in establishing
the Deloitte Azerbaijan practice, becoming a Partner in June 2008. I am a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in the UK.

The ability to develop continuously, and not only in the narrow professional domain, is very important to me. In this respect I am lucky, because Deloitte places the professional development of its people at the top of its list of priorities. Throughout my career at Deloitte I have had multiple opportunities to study,
to train my colleagues, and to combine my principal work with other interesting tasks, such as organising and facilitating training sessions, client seminars, corporate events, etc. This has helped me to broaden my network of contacts both inside and outside the firm, acquire additional skills that I would not have developed through my everyday work, and gain a fresh perspective on what it is that I do.

Last, but not least, the team! Without the Deloitte team I would never have achieved what I have.

You really need to find the right team in order to fully succeed, whatever your business is. It is a myth that skills are enough to achieve business success.
Employees’ enthusiasm, energy and interest in their day-to-day duties are no less important than their skills. What genuinely drives career growth within any company is teamwork – when one person doesn’t have to carry all of the burden on his/her shoulders, but rather shares tasks, responsibilities, and the results of joint projects. Here at Deloitte we stand by each other during difficult times, work together to serve our clients at our full capacity and, trust me, in all business success, regardless of scale, every single member of the team has his/her own merit.

Together, we overcome challenges. Together, we grow.

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