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Vusala Kerimova

We work hard to develop ourselves and others professionally and to be content emotionally

Vusala Kerimova, Talent Business Partner

As a Talent Business Partner, what I love most about Deloitte is its great learning environment. People at Deloitte learn and acquire new skills and knowledge every day. We help our employees further improve their proficiency level in all of their areas of specialisation. We provide both the professional services staff and the support function team with unique learning and development opportunities.

Good knowledge and skills, which are both foundations of the high intelligence level of each employee, and although important for employee’s job performance, also have an unprecedented positive impact on a person’s emotional well-being and personal satisfaction. Emotional and personal satisfaction is far from the last item on the checklist of a successful businessman. Here at Deloitte we work hard to develop ourselves and others professionally and to be content emotionally. All the little things a person does every day at work that provide him/her with personal growth and internal satisfaction give, in turn, joy to others and motivate others to grow.

It was nine years ago that I first joined the Talent department at Deloitte after having worked in the HR department of another Big Four company in Baku for eight years, and I have never regretted a single day spent here at Deloitte.

I have grown side-by-side with an extremely motivated group of people, and over the years I have seen people grow and achieve great things in their careers. Throughout my own career at Deloitte I have countless young people who took their first steps at Deloitte as assistants right after graduating from university, or even during their final years of grad school, who then managed to reach managerial positions. This would never have happened but for the enthusiasm and hard work they demonstrated and their openness to the wonderful learning opportunities offered to them by Deloitte.

There is far more to education than what one learns from books or courses.

True education is that which helps you to discover yourself, bring out your hidden strengths and talents, and apply what you have learned during your formal education to your current professional practice.


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