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Workforce transformation

These statistics are particularly noteworthy because, despite significant advances in education and political participation, women in France remain underrepresented in business leadership positions.

“During the past eight years, Taj has seen a sensational rise in the French market both in reputation and organic growth," says Taj CEO Gianmarco Monsellato. "We have risen from a second-tier firm to a market leader and have grown 70 percent in a difficult economy and shrinking market."

Taj's business success coincides with its efforts to create a diverse and inclusive values-driven culture.

"Several years ago, we made a commitment to embed fairness, inclusion, and flexibility in the workplace," says Monsellato. "That provided the foundation for the empowerment and advancement of women to senior positions, and a culture that redefined the model for success for all employees, regardless of gender."

To better understand Taj's strategy and success, DTTL's Global Diversity Team interviewed 15 women working in various positions at Taj. "They explained that what made a difference at the organization were respect, honesty, and transparency," says Linda Buisson, Deloitte Global Tax & Legal Gender Diversity Community Leader. "Taj made a concerted effort to create a values-based culture, equipping people to behave in an inclusive way, embedding diversity and flexibility into talent and business processes, and measuring and recognizing progress."

Taj received a Women's Empowerment Principles Business Case for Action Award 2013 and won the "Best in France" category at Euromoney-Legal Media Group-European Women in Business Law Awards

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