Reviews and investigations

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We can help you manage and reduce the risks of fraud, strengthen compliance programmes and investigate potential cases of fraud and misconduct.

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Fraud and accounting investigations

We offer an industry-specific approach tailored to a company’s specific needs, and can provide a wide range of services. We analyze accounting entries, electronic data, email correspondence, conduct staff and third party interviews, as well as analyze financial statements and supporting documents in order to identify potentially questionable transactions. We conduct internal investigations into potential fraud and unfair practices by management and employees.


Anti-bribery and anti-corruption services

We provide our clients with assistance on a broad range of anti-corruption-related matters covering pre-transaction, post-acquisition integration and ongoing monitoring. Our services include Compliance Program Review and Implementation, Anti-Bribery Due Diligence, Forensic Accounting Investigations of alleged violations of anticorruption legislation, and Anti-Bribery Controls Analysis.


Business intelligence services

We offer a range of services that help clients to better understand and address the reputational risks associated with a business relationship or potential transaction. 

Integrity Due Diligence is an in-depth study of a target’s reputation, business activities, ties and connections aimed at establishing that the target has provided accurate information to our client, and that there are no hidden reputational or other risks posed by associating with the target.

Through Data Mining of Counterparties, we can detect potential risks related to the state registration process

and inconsistencies in business partners’ financial statements, as well as reveal affiliations among business partners, potential conflicts of interest, and other business and reputational risks.


Anti-money laundering services

With backgrounds in the financial sector, our team members have deep knowledge of Russian regulatory requirements and industry practices, as well as extensive experience in providing AML services in Russia and abroad. We provide a comprehensive, discrete and timely solution to money laundering issues, aimed at minimizing risk and containing fallout.


Fraud risk management

Deloitte’s integrated approach to fraud control helps organizations to understand their susceptibility to fraud risk, identify high-risk fraud areas, develop a fraud control plan to address areas of critical fraud risk, monitor the ongoing effectiveness of fraud risk mitigation, and respond to actual instances of fraud.


Our Forensic specialists have experience in the full range of forensic reviews and investigations


The global financial crisis forced many businesses to re-examine their operations. Our business and liquidity review services give you the information you need to evaluate key metrics and our restructuring services help you to make changes to ensure that you deliver maximum value to shareholders.

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