The Deloitte Academy

Trainings and workshops

At the Deloitte Academy, our passion is to help you find the best ways to extend your professional knowledge. We are always developing new and improved learning solutions for individual learners and the wider corporate audience.

Corporate trainings

The Deloitte Academy specializes in corporate business trainings designed for specific customer needs.

The Academy’s corporate trainings are tailored to fit the firm’s specific needs in terms of industry topics, key business processes and terminology.

The courses are designed for professionals interested in acquiring hands-on learning experience through facilitated discussions, business games and simulations.

Subject-matter experts who bring practical insights from real-world management and implementation of major projects deliver the Academy trainings.

Our principles

Long-term cooperation

The Deloitte Academy offers comprehensive solutions aimed at improving employees’ competencies across various business lines. The courses are organized based on the attendees’ level of knowledge, skills and competencies and allow for the continuous development of business skills while taking into account professional growth and job enlargement.


Each training session delivered by the Deloitte Academy contains elements from allied knowledge areas and compounds industry specifics and best practices. The Academy offers post-training support aimed at assessing the results and incorporating changes in one’s current responsibilities.

Training schedule

14-16 November 2018

Introduction and general overview of the Azerbaijani taxation system

This is a good way to enhance your knowledge of Azerbaijani tax, regardless of your level of experience. Read more...

Introduction and general overview of the Azerbaijan taxation system outlines

29-30 November 2018

Taxation in the financial services industry

Designed for professionals engaged in the financial services industry, this highly technical course will focus on the specifics of taxation of transactions in banks, insurance and leasing companies. Read more...

FSI Taxation training outlines

6-7 December 2018

Taxation in the oil and gas industry

This course is recommended for professionals working in the petroleum industry, representing both upstream and oilfield services organizations. Read more...

Oil & Gas Taxation training outlines