The Analytics Advantage

The results are in

We are pleased to share the results of the recent Analytics Advantage Survey. The survey was conducted using a mix of online questionnaires and interviews with senior executives at 35 companies in North America, China and the United Kingdom. Interviews were overseen or conducted by analytics thought leader and author Thomas H. Davenport, a visiting professor at Harvard Business School.

The survey was commissioned to better understand the state of analytics readiness at leading corporations today – and what the future may hold.

The results of the survey have been compiled in the Analytics Advantage Report, which explores how businesses are using analytics to support decision-making, what challenges they face, and what value is being realized.


Key survey findings include the following:

  • Analytics has arrived. Analytics is an important resource for companies making decisions around their future, with less than 20% of companies not using analytics to   support strategic decisions.
  • The best is yet to come. Fully 96% of respondents feel that analytics will become more important to their organizations over the next three years.
  • Key barriers are emerging. Organizations will have to overcome several key barriers, of which data management and access to talent are the most problematic.
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