Valuation Services

In addition to the generally accepted valuation techniques, we have developed our own well-balanced forecasting toolkit, which enables us to make precise projections of both external (macroeconomic and sector) factors and the regulator's position on a wide range of issues.

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Our team has unmatched experience in key industries of the Russian economy -- oil and gas, energy, telecommunications, banks, and transportation. Each product we deliver also contains deep analysis of industry prospects and its development opportunities, including case-specific scenarios. Our focus is centered around the following services: 

• Valuation of shares, businesses, and tangible/intangible assets (under federal and international valuation standards);

• Purchase price allocation (PPA).


We solve complex tasks in valuation, financial modeling and economic consulting.  

Our principal strength is serving as an independent arbiter to identify a balance of interests between different market players. This function is especially important while planning M&A transactions. 

We have comprehensive experience cooperating successfully with a wide array of companies,  agreeing and defending our deliverables at any level – from auditors to government bodies. 

We are among the few advisors in Russia enjoying practical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the CIS markets. Moreover, the widespread Deloitte network allows us to draw on international experience in offering solutions. 

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