Bank stability and culture in 2016

A global perspective

The leaders of Deloitte’s regulatory strategy centers in the US, EMEA, and APAC take a look at two critical issues on the 2016 regulatory outlook for global banks: Bank stability and culture.


Stability and culture, which are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, are key focus areas for international and regional regulators and present significant challenges, especially for banks that operate across multiple jurisdictions.

Bank stability, which has been at the top of the regulatory agenda since the 2007/08 crisis, is highly technical in nature and continues to evolve as global regulators recalibrate the requirements, while bank culture, which is a fairly new area of focus and is often regarded as far more subjective, has gained significant attention in recent years as regulators look at culture and conduct as a cause of prudential risk.

There is still a vast amount of work to be done across these two areas, especially at the regional level. This webinar explores the current stance on these two issues, highlighting the international position and any national nuances.

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