Banking across borders

International expansion opportunities for emerging markets-based banks

By taking stock of their capabilities, sharpening their strategic focus, and recognizing that international expansion is a journey, not a footrace, emerging markets-based banks can pave an effective path to future growth in other developing countries.

Banks based in emerging markets have been gaining strength, and with that strength, are now looking to expand beyond their borders. Expansion within their home countries will take these banks only so far, and it provides little diversification when domestic economic volatility spikes downward. That’s one reason why emerging markets-based banks are looking to expand into both developed and developing markets. Emerging markets-based banks are also following their customers, as they expand into new markets, as well as their citizens, as they emigrate to new lands. 

In this report we look at historical examples to address these and other issues with the goal of helping emerging markets-based banks strategize the key steps that they will need to take when considering international expansion.

Banking across borders
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