Five questions on the evolution of cyber security


Five questions on the evolution of cyber security

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While cyber security used to be considered an issue primarily for the IT team, these days it is an agenda item for the entire C-Suite. What’s changed? It’s not just the frequency of media reports on cyber security breaches — if anything, these are merely symptomatic of a larger shift underway. Cyber crime is fuelled by increasingly sophisticated technologies along with relatively new trends in mobility usage, social media, and rapidly expanding connectivity — all in the hands of more organized online criminal networks. In this environment, an intelligent and evolutionary approach to cyber security is key to staying ahead of cyber criminals — and the competition.

In this issue of Risk Angles, Mike Maddison tackles five questions on cyber security frequently voiced by clients. Then, Sid Maharaj and Tommy Viljoen take a closer look at how big data can be used for intelligent security

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This Risk Angle answers the following questions

1. What shift in cyber security is currently happening?
2. How real are cyber threats for companies not typically targeted by cyber criminals?
3. How should we respond to the threats of today’s digital environment?
4. Is there value from taking an intelligent approach to cybercrime?
5. Can we predict cyber crime rather than simply respond to it?

It also takes a closer look at big data for intelligent security

Risk Angles: Five questions on the evolution of cyber security
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