The list of licenses and permits required to be reported to the State Customs Committee has been approved

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As you may know, according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Licenses and Permits", certain activities and actions necessitate having a relevant license and/or permit.

To exercise the control over the import and export operations carried out in the course of activities which require the licenses and permits, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan has adopted the Decree #165 dated 6 May 2020 (the “Decree”).

The Decree requires the holders of the licenses and permits to notify the State Customs Committee on certain type of licenses, certificates and permits issued, suspended, restored or revoked in the Republic of Azerbaijan.The Decree has established the following list of licenses and permits falling under the notification procedure:


i. import, export and transit of precursors;

ii. transportation of dangerous goods;

iii. import of plant protection products and agrochemicals. 


Permission for transportation of dangerous goods, including transit through the territory of the country;

Consent to the production, import, export and distribution of religious literature, audio and video materials, goods and other information materials of religious content;

Permission for export, re-export, import, re-import and transit of goods (works, services, results of intellectual activity) subject to export control;

Permission for the circulation of goods that may belong to certain participants and for those that are allowed to be in circulation based on a relevant permit  (goods with restricted circulation);

Certificate on application of special economic regime to export-aimed oil and gas activity;

Registration of the list of equipment and materials to be imported to the Republic of Azerbaijan for obtaining the privileges for export-aimed oil and gas activity;

Permission for creation, enrichment, trade with zoological collections, as well as their import, bringing in and taking out of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Permit (certificate) for international trade (introduction, export, re-export and import from the sea) of endangered species of wild fauna and flora;

International veterinary certificate for exported animals, products of animal origin and raw materials;

Registration certificate of imported and manufactured veterinary drugs;

Certificate of state registration of pesticides, biological preparations and agrochemicals;

Phytosanitary (re-export phytosanitary) certificate for export (re-export) of plants and plant products;

Permission for the movement of large and heavy vehicles on public roads;

Agreement on regular intra-city (intra-district), inter-city (inter-district) and international passenger transportation by road (organization of passenger transportation);

Certificate on approval of standard samples or type of measuring instruments;

Food safety certificate;

Registration card on state registration of the medical products;

Permission for import of medicines into the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic;

Permission for the import and export of psychotropic substances provided for in Lists 1 and 2 of the 1971 United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances;

Permission for export and import of electricity;

Certificate on registration at the special economic zone;

Extract from food safety register on registration of entities operating in the field of food products;

Industrial park registration certificate;

Technology park registration certificate;

Technological business incubator registration certificate;

Confirmation document for import of machinery, technological equipment and facilities by residents, management organizations and operators of industrial or technology parks, as well as legal entities  and individuals carrying out entrepreneurial activities without establishing a legal entity that have received investment promotion documents;

Investment promotion document;

Certificate confirming the country of origin of the goods;

Certificate on protection of cultural property for export of cultural property;

Certificate of protection of cultural property for temporary export of cultural property included to the State List of national cultural property of the Republic of Azerbaijan in connection with exhibitions, tours, restoration work, presentation, holding of international cultural events.

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