Public-Private Dialogue on Intellectual Property Issues

We are glad to inform you that Deloitte Azerbaijan in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Agency is launching an event dedicated to “Public-Private Dialogue on Intellectual Property Issues”.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness on regulatory environment and provide tailored solutions to practical challenges that business currently experiences with regard to protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

To determine the agenda mostly tailored to your business, we suggest sharing with us practical challenges that your company faces in managing the objects of intellectual property.

The following topics have been preliminarily included in the agenda, you are welcome to complement them based on your practice:

• Traditional and non-traditional ways of trademark and brand protection

• Combatting counterfeit and fake products

• Tackling new ways of infringement

• Parallel import

• Protection of know-how, software, database and other valuable information

• Franchising arrangements and licensing

• Monitoring of trademark misuse

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary and the information you provide will remain anonymous. You may send the topics of your interest to us by responding to before 20 October 2019.