Podcasts: Business ecosystems

A historic transition in the world of business in the 21st century

Learn more about the trends featured in Deloitte’s latest report, “Business ecosystems come of age,” part of the Business Trends series from Deloitte University Press. In these audio podcasts, report author Eamonn Kelly discusses what’s behind the trends and implications for forward-looking business leaders and organizations.

Podcast 1: Business ecosystems come of age

Enabled by digital connectivity and new tools for collaboration and co-creation, the business world is moving beyond the traditional bounds of "industries" and coalescing into rich "ecosystems"—creating new opportunities for innovation as well as new challenges for incumbent enterprises.

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Podcast 2: Blurring boundaries, uncharted territory

Today, long-standing boundaries and constraints that have traditionally determined the evolution of business, the economy, and society—such as those between producers and consumers; large and small organizations; developed and developing economies; human capabilities and machine capabilities; and the physical and digital worlds— are blurring, and even dissolving. As old constraints diminish, new opportunities emerge.

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​For more on business ecosystems, view the full Business ecosystems come of age report on Deloitte University Press or watch the overview video.

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