Sustainability and control of supply chain management in the context of global instability

Development of value creation services based on the Lean methodology

We will assess your financial statements for all functional areas and costs, using the standard hypotheses from Deloitte’s database for improving operational processes and reducing costs. We offer a combination of financial analysis approaches used by private equity funds to evaluate companies and techniques used to identify opportunities for operational improvements, including lean manufacturing.

Result: freed-up financial resources, a set of improvement initiatives that directly translate into P&L results

Contacts: Alexander Oleynik, Grigoriy Eliseev

Working capital optimization

We will develop a set of hypotheses aimed at working capital optimisation through reducing the procurement and administrative costs, optimising the headcount for a more efficient use of equipment, optimising procurement frequency, improve planning approaches. Our team is ready to set up interactive tools to control working capital and help with their implementation.

The result: freed-up working capital and improved liquidity

Contacts: Alexander OleynikGrigoriy Eliseev, Petr Vinogradov

Risk analysis of supply chain management

We will perform a high-level analysis of supply chains for your company's key processes to identify risks and bottlenecks that impact operational effectiveness and supplier management.

Result: stable and efficient supply chain management

Contacts: Alexander OleynikGrigoriy Eliseev, Andrey Sotnikov

Simulation modelling and Digital Twins

We will develop a methodology and run high-precision analysis of business processes and infrastructure by identifying key relationships between their elements, using simulation modelling and digital twins.

Result: identification of bottlenecks and analysis of measures for their elimination, evaluation of investment projects, optimisation of operational planning

Contacts: Alexander OleynikGrigoriy Eliseev, Alexander Nikitin

Monitoring the needs of the entire supply chain

We will analyse your supply chain and offer options for digitalizing the control of needs by using a tool based on machine learning technologies. We will integrate a tool for monitoring purchase orders into your IT environment to enable automated analysis and sending requests for clarification.

Result: working capital reduction thanks to by optimizing needs and distributing it more evenly over time

Contacts: Alexander OleynikGrigoriy Eliseev

Control Tower

We will help to develop and implement a Control Tower-based ecosystem, facilitating all supply chain processes by creating transparency and real-time visualization. Using predictive and cognitive analytics will help to timely identify operational losses, assess their impact, and automate notification of stakeholders.

Result: automated end-to-end monitoring and forecasting of supply chain processes for all stakeholders

Contacts: Alexander OleynikGrigoriy Eliseev

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