Key performance indicators (KPIs) and balanced scorecards (BSCs)


Key performance indicators (KPIs) and balanced scorecards (BSCs)

  • Produce a mechanism for managing corporate strategic goals
  • Establish a systematic approach to producing corporate targets
  • Develop a system of indicators covering all targets set by management
  • Ensure the appropriate controls for goal achievement so they are reached on time and in full
  • Align management decisions with long-term company goals
  • Establish a mechanism to choose the most effective projects for meeting set goals

Goals and Challenges

Deloitte offers a full range of services for designing and implementing balanced scorecard and KPI systems, and for preparing recommendations on a management motivation system based on KPIs.

Our services

  • We will support you at each stage of the BSC implementation process - diagnostics, development, implementation, testing of setup, and automation, right up to the launch of the system;
  • We use the Enterprise Value Map™ (EVM) to develop BSC and KPI systems. EVM is a tool for creating BSCs aimed at value creation, which makes  the most of Deloitte’s global experience in various industries;
  • In addition, when developing KPIs and BSCs, we hold training and strategic sessions for managers and employees.

Our approach

BSCs and KPIs help bring the following changes to a company:

  • Efficient control system for the implementation of key strategic changes;
  • Introduction of a clear and simple methodology for reporting effectiveness and efficiency of staff and management performance, presented in accordance with strategic indicators and measures to evaluate relationships;
  • Establishment of key targets for managers of departments, branches, offices, business units and subsidiaries to work towards;
  • A fully-trained, proactive and motivated team that share the vision of the company;
  • A higher quality of corporate culture founded on carefully formulated values and priorities.

How your business will benefit