Preparation of the new VAT Return in year 2015


Preparation of the new VAT Return in year 2015

We are hereby pleased to offer you our approach to providing professional services concerning preparation of the VAT return in a new format effective since 2015.

According to recent amendments in Russian legislation on Value Added Tax, hereinafter VAT, the obligatory VAT return format has been significantly altered, the process of VAT return preparation becoming rather complicated. We thereby propose our services to help make this process easier.

Deloitte will be happy to offer you a flexible approach tailored to your needs that neither requires modification of your existing IT systems nor the purchase of additional IT solutions.

Our consultants will arrange preparations for VAT return based on data downloaded from the accounting systems already used by your company with the help of special Deloitte VAT return software.

We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation and believe that our knowledge and experience will bring value to your Company (hereafter referred to as “the Company”).

Please be informed that this presentation bears preliminary status. Certain mandatory Deloitte risk management procedures must be passed before services may be provided.

Preparation of the new VAT Return in year 2015
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