Business Continuity Management Setup

With a zoom in on the health crisis response plan

Let`s imagine. Some time ago COVID-19 pandemic started only. In your organization, there was a crisis management or disaster recovery plan. Your business processes and infrastructure were prepared in advance. Personnel was trained for situations like this. You needed to activate the action plan only. Just in one day, some parts of the staff moved to work remotely. All affected business processes were updated smoothly. These changes not affected client relations and/or financial results. No turbulence, no issues, no headache... Your business simply followed the plan that already developed. 

You need to apply the Business Continuity Management (BCM) program if you desire these imaginations to come true.

An effective BCM program is a critical component of successful business management. Experience shows that typically over 50 percent of businesses without an effective business continuity plan will ultimately fail following a major disruption.

How to build or improve business continuity plans?

Deloitte’s methodology allows the development and update of an effective BCM, and in the enclosed brochure you will find details.




Business Continuity Management Setup brochure
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