Deloitte Revenue Assurance services


Deloitte Revenue Assurance services

Russia’s telecommunications market is growing rapidly. Your company has been successful in this field through implementing new technologies, introducing new products and demonstrating a flexible marketing policy.

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Our Revenue Assurance service is an end-to-end analysis of the revenue stream processes, which goes beyond the traditional approach to Revenue Assurance, identifying problems that are generally not revealed through the analysis of any single area of revenue generation in isolation.

Our approach is balanced between achieving short-term, bottom-line impact and implementing long-term/fundamental process-driven changes preventing future revenue leakage.

We take a more comprehensive, process-based view of the causes of revenue leakage by focusing on the processes, systems, and employee practices that drive financial performance in functional areas throughout the enterprise.

We strive to complement our clients’ internal Revenue Assurance functions/groups, which are often focused only on the usage processing and billing processes.

Our approach

We see Revenue Assurance as a continuous endeavor aimed at improving operational efficiency and ensuring that all possible revenue is collected.


  • Recovered revenue for services provided but not billed
  • Minimized enterprise risk
  • Optimized operational performance
  • Establishment of an on-going process to avoid future leakage

What are the benefits for the company?



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