Transforming your business towards sustainability

In today’s business environment, where organizations are beginning to realize the utmost importance of finding the right balance between financial, social, and environmental priorities, a carefully orchestrated Deloitte Sustainability strategy is vital to long-term success. Our team offers clients solutions to their most complex problems; from identifying material risks to developing a strategy, from climate change to energy optimization, from socio-economic impact assessment to responsible finance, we bring together our global network of subject matter experts to deliver a bespoke service.

Our Services



Sustainability Assurance

Providing internal and external assurance on sustainability reports, greenhouse gas (GHG) statements, and other forms of non-financial information.



Sustainability & Integrated Reporting

Applying the concept of integrated thinking to achieve strategic objectives and communicate corporate performance through integrated reporting.


Purpose and Strategy

Identifying and understanding sustainability issues and how they link to organisational purpose, performance and reporting.



Impact Assessment & Responsible Investment

Identifying, valuing, monitoring and reporting the social / economic / environmental impact of projects, programs and policies. Integrating impact metrics into investment decision making.


Health and Safety

Integrating critical EH&S processes into broader operational risk management and sustainability programs.



Resource Efficiency and Environmental Management

Managing the business and environmental impacts of natural resources consumption such as water, energy, waste, and emissions by translating analytical insights into actionable cost savings, risk mitigation opportunities and economic value.


Carbon Planning and Management

Assisting with management of carbon emissions, through to preparation of the annual carbon disclosures to support measurement.


Sustainable Supply Chain

Refining supply chains, product lifecycles and internal operations by addressing diverse issues such as supplier engagement and extended producer strategy, proving provenance and traceability of a product, creation supply chain transparency from raw material to a customer, and upholding international human and labour rights.



Mystery Shopping

Providing a consistent, objective, and actionable feedback on service delivery, sales team performance, product or service rollout, and more.


ESG ratings 

Advisory services on understanding and meeting the requirements of ESG ratings agencies in order to meet the demands of investors, improve access to new financial instruments linked to sustainability ratings and identify key gaps for improving sustainability performance based benchmarking analysis and ESG ratings agencies’ methodologies. 


Singularity University programs

SU solves most urgent problems, such as Sustaining and improving quality of life and Mitigating future risks, through the lens of exponential technologies. SU's programs and events equip you with the mindset, tools, and resources to successfully navigate your transformational journey to the future.


Deloitte Academy

Deloitte Academy’s trainings are specifically designed to help understand what the term "sustainability" means for a modern company, what the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are and how they relate to the company's activities, and the operational work of individual departments. The trainings also examine various approaches to the publication of non-financial reporting, as well as methods for collecting, analyzing, and reporting information to stakeholders.

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