UK regulatory compliance


UK regulatory compliance

Combined code, Turnbull report

Russian companies are increasingly interested in IPOs on the UK stock market. To be listed on the London Stock Exchange, the issuer should meet a number of corporate governance and internal control requirements.

Such requirements are defined in the Combined Code of Corporate Governance as best practice principles which the company should comply with. Every year, the issuer’s compliance with the Code should be disclosed in their annual report, including the methods used to address specific principles, or the reasons why such principles have not been met.

The Combined Code of Corporate Governance recommends, in particular, that the effectiveness of the corporate internal control system should be reviewed and the annual report to shareholders should be prepared based on the results of this review. The review should address all material control, including operational and financial controls, the existence of the required internal regulations as well as the risk management system.

Combined Code 

More detailed internal control requirements are provided in the Turnbull report, which forms an integral part of the Combined Code of Corporate Governance.
Our internal control experts will provide issuers or potential issues with all the necessary advice to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Combined Code of Corporate Governance prior to their securities being listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Turnbull report


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