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Marketing Resource Management for the Cloud

Connecting the creative and managerial aspects of modern marketing with

Today’s CMO and marketers are presented with the challenge of defining and executing creative strategies, while simultaneously managing financial and analytic tasks. They need greater insight and understanding of the customer and the big data that fuels intelligence as well as the costs associated with accessing new markets and audiences.

Deloitte’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Cloud solution based on the Salesforce platform allows companies to quickly and rapidly develop and deploy an MRM solution in the cloud. The solution enables centralized access to digital assets while tracking and managing campaign activities such as estimates, creative approvals, and actual spending. It creates a simple way to perform bottom up budgeting and estimating.

Deloitte’s MRM Cloud solution is a set of tools, processes, and capabilities that integrate with the Salesforce platform. Our accelerators are geared towards improving the CMO’s ability to optimize the company’s marketing resources, while speeding the development process.


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Marketing Resource Management for the Cloud

Deloitte Launches Accelerator for Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Deloitte launched a Marketing Resource Management (MRM) accelerator solution for the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. This accelerator can improve time-to-value and lower overall costs for enterprise clients across numerous industries, including Media & Entertainment, High Technology, Financial Services and Healthcare & Life Sciences. Deloitte’s MRM accelerator using ExactTarget Marketing Cloud technology demonstrates our commitment to helping strengthen our clients’ brands, connect with customers and evolve their businesses.

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