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COVID-19 - Overview of measures for the stabilization of economy in Bosnia-Herzegovina (7.6.2020)

COVID-19 | coronavirus 

In this challenging situation, resulting from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world, we feel responsible to provide you with the material containing actual overview of measures adopted at all government levels, with an aim to stabilize the economy in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Coronavirus is a threat to the whole economy, hence a prompt and efficient reaction to potential scenarios is required, in order to optimally decrease inevitable negative consequences.

The impact on revenues of all big companies in Bosnia-Herzegovina is extreme and there are already clear indicators of the slowdown of global economy. 

This document contains overview of actual measures from tax and regulatory perspective, on 7 June 2020. Deloitte will issue an updated version of this document eat least on a weekly basis. We will expand the document with new areas and information, which however might not cover all areas of your interest, but will definitely serve as a good guide for general overview of available measures. The document does not represent tax or legal advice.