Accounting and payroll services

Business Process Solutions (BPS)

You need a service provider to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and treat your data confidential?

We offer accounting and payroll services tailored for your needs

Our broad scope of Business Process Solutions (BPS) services – accounting and payroll, comprise:

Incorporating new companies

  • Assistance in key steps for incorporating a limited liability company in FBiH, preparation of required documents with competent public notary in BiH, registration of company’s official stamp, obtaining statistical number, tax, VAT and customs ID numbers, opening bank accounts, and other administrative activities depending on the nature of business operations.

Accounting services

  • Maintaining accounting records in accordance with international accounting standards.
  • Assistance with various accounting procedures (e.g. obligatory annual inventory count with the aim of local compliance).
  • Preparation of annual financial statements, corporate income tax return and tax balance, other returns and parafiscal levies, standard annual reports, and annual reports according to your needs.

VAT Administration

  • Preparation of books of ingoing and outgoing invoices, preparation and filing VAT returns and other similar reports related to VAT, contacting the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) and support during ITA controls.

Payroll services

  • Preparing employees’ payrolls, including calculation of salaries, contributions for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and personal income tax.
  • Preparation of corresponding payment orders, and transfer orders for employees’ salaries.
  • Preparing and filing monthly and annual salary returns.
  • Registration/deregistration of employees with relevant social institutions.
  • Preparation of calculations for other contracts per Client requests.

Services for reviewing and eliminating deficiencies in records with competent tax authorities

  • Reviewing submitted monthly salary returns to identify and eliminate deficiencies, and thus correctly link employees’ years of service.
  • Reviewing and reconciliation of analytical cards of payers maintained by local taxation authorities.

Lending employees services

  • Deloitte offers services of lending its employees for performing book keeping and accounting jobs for the client.
  • Employee lending services are particularly convenient in situation when the client needs a substitute for an employee temporary absent from work.

All of the above services are being provided in the region and on the international market, including the possibility of international tax compliance.

Our fees

We believe that our fees are competitive and even leave space for cost cutting.
Compared to employing persons with the same level of expertise and experience, we believe that our services will enable saving at least 25% of money spent for employing the same experts (please bear in mind that, when employing personnel, you incur expenses for salaries, contributions for social insurance, taxes, workplace, and expenses for managing employment process).

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

We are confident that we can find a middle ground to achieve your business objectives.