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Central Europe

Deloitte Forensic helps our clients react quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. We use our global network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues, and deliver the proactive advice clients need to reduce the risk of future issues.

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In today’s fast changing economic environment, threats such as fraud, corruption and money laundering, and their potential reputational, financial, and criminal impacts are very real.
There is a higher level of supervision and regulatory action than we have seen in the past, and multinationals, for example, have to manage financial crime issues that are subject to greater scrutiny.
Our Central European team of forensic specialists helps pre-empt these threats and navigate clients to a better place. We also work across jurisdictions with our colleagues around the world in a real demonstration of the Deloitte expertise working on a global level.
We have assembled an expert team in Central Europe including experienced accountants, auditors, computer forensic practitioners, data analysts, corporate investigators, former law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and former regulators to quickly respond to your organisation’s needs. Our services can be broadly categorised as follows:

Forensic Advisory

Deloitte helps companies protect their brand and reputation by proactively advising on their exposure to fraud, corruption, money laundering, and other business risk issues. Using our global network of intelligence analysts and advanced analytics technology, we quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of our clients’ exposure, while providing them with useful and actionable advice across their business.


Dispute Services 

Deloitte Forensic works with businesses and their legal advisers across all types of dispute forums (both domestic and international), in different jurisdictions and in a wide range of industries. Drawing on our deep expert witness, financial analysis, damage quantification, and discovery capabilities, we can provide a host of services throughout what may be described as the ‘dispute lifecycle’.



Forensic Technology

The Forensic Technology team uses and develops the most advanced technological solutions to retrieve, search, analyse and visualise large and complex data sets. This enables our clients to gather information that is essential when addressing litigation matters, investigations, and regulatory and financial crime issues.




Deloitte helps our clients act quickly and confidently in the face of regulatory concerns and actions, or sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption, and other financial misconduct. Our global network allows us to combine an understanding of local business cultures and regulatory issues to find a path to a successful resolution, and leave our client better-prepared to protect their assets and reputation.



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