Leading Talent from the BRIC


Leading Talent from the BRIC

In an era of pervasive globalization, organizations are building multi-directional talent networks that are not only geared toward existing markets, but can also power new emerging markets.

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To deal with today's levels of globalization, talent leaders are redesigning their global HR and talent architecture.  

Companies are creating multi-directional talent networks, where each point in the system can both import and export talent ideas, insights, and efficiencies. As a result, leading organizations and their CHROs are learning to think and act both globally and locally in highly integrated ways: hence the need for new models and architecture.

Organizations that create robust, dynamic, and highly connected talent networks are better positioned to capture the business opportunity and talent potential contained in the next bloc of emerging markets – those that lie beyond the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

Leading Talent from the BRIC
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