CO2 footprint optimization

Most companies want to act on climate change themselves but also face pressure to do so from customers and stakeholders, as well as governments, in the form of increasing regulation. Many of the decisions to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change in other ways have cost implications, and therefore CFOs are involved in these decisions.

We are committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2030 by setting ambitious carbon reduction targets, ensuring we have consistent, sustainable internal policies and encouraging our people to take action.

Society is increasingly demanding that business plays a greater role in addressing global challenges. Through our net-zero consulting, Deloitte has the power to tackle issues such as climate change and sustainability.

Deloitte LLP has publicly committed to achieving Net-Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, as part of our global WorldClimate strategy.


How can Deloitte help?

We provide a range of services to assist you in reducing the carbon impact of your developments:

  • Building carbon footprint assessment
  • Deloitte have developed a Building Carbon Calculator to assess the embodied carbon impact of new build and refurbishment projects throughout the building’s lifecycle.
  • We can identify embodied carbon ‘hot spots’ in your development to target reduction opportunities. Our experience has shown that concrete and steel can typically account for up to 90% of the embodied carbon impact of a development.
  • We can calculate the impact of low carbon material alternatives to help inform the building specification.
  • We can provide you with options to offset the carbon footprint of your development to deliver a carbon neutral development to your client.

Low carbon material cost assessment

  • Deloitte can quantify the potential cost impact of low carbon building materials as an alternative to standard materials. For example, the impact of specifying low carbon concrete that incorporates industrial by products as a replacement to Portland cement.

Supply chain workshops

  • Deloitte can conduct workshops to engage your project supply chain to identify practical low carbon design options based on market experience and provide insights into your building sustainability objectives.