Design of Risk Systems

When selecting a risk analysis and management tool, a comprehensive view is needed regarding objectives for the implementation, support for decision making, availability of data and integration with other program management. Nowadays, Business Intelligence (BI) concept has a vital role in its ability for managers to make quality business decision.

Business intelligence (BI) combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions.

The role of BI here is to create an informational environment and process by which operational data gathered from internal systems and external sources can be analyzed and to reveal the “strategic” business dimensions.

Data warehouses should be more than store data. They help power analytics, accelerate innovation, promote data sharing and collaboration, and help clients to adapt to changing business needs.

How Deloitte can help?

We develop, implement and optimize Risk management tools that support adaptation and execution of the risk management policies and methodologies known as: Loan Monitoring, Workout and Collection applications.

  1. Business Intelligence (BI) and Datawarehouse (DWH), Risk data governance systems design and quality assurance.
  2. Design of risk tools, applications, and systems.
  3. Loan Monitoring, Workout and Collection applications.
  4. Collateral Management System.
  5. Loan origination applications and tools.