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Decisions of the Council of Ministers of BiH as of 24 March 2020

Tax News, March 2020

On 24 March 2020, the Council of Ministers of BiH held the 6th extraordinary session and adopted the following decisions:

1. Decision on temporary closing of international border crossings in air traffic, for passenger traffic in BiH

  • All border crossings at the airports are closed for passengers, whilst crossings for cargo traffic remain open; the Decision enters into force on 30 March at 6 AM

2. Decision on temporary suspension of issuing visas in all Diplomatic-Consular Representations of BiH

  • Issuance of visas (C and D) is temporarily suspended in all Diplomatic-Consular Representations of BiH in the world (with certain exemptions, e.g. when issuance of visa is in interest for protection of security of BiH, etc.)

3. Decision on amendments to Decision on prescribing additional conditions for entrance of foreigners in BiH

  • The Decision is supplemented with the following category: “foreigners who have special permission for entrance in BiH, stay or transit through BiH, issued by the Council of Ministers of BiH”

4. Decision on determination of border crossings for transport of goods in road transport in transit through BiH

  • Border crossings which are open for transit traffic through BiH with the Republic of Croatia are Bijača - Nova Sela, Gradiška - Stara Gradiška and Šamac - Slavonski Šamac; with the Republic of Serbia Rača - Sremska Rača; with Montenegro Klobuk - Ilino Brdo

5. Decision on exemption from calculation and payment of indirect taxes and on return of already paid indirect taxes on equipment and means donated by local and international entities with the purpose of prevention, suppression and elimination of epidemic caused by coronavirus (“COVID-19”)

  • This Decision refers to face masks, gloves, disinfectants, protective suits for medical staff, as well as respirators and other essential equipment to combat the viral disease “COVID-19”

Note: content of Decisions is retrieved from the official website of Council of Ministers of BiH. Publication of Decisions in the “Official Gazette of BiH” is expected in the upcoming period.

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