Program mjera za ublažavanje negativnih ekonomskih posljedica u Kantonu Sarajevo


The Program of Measures for Mitigation of Negative Economic Consequences in Canton Sarajevo

Tax News, June 2020

On 22 May 2020, the Government of Canton Sarajevo has adopted the Program of Short-term and Medium-term Measures of Importance for Mitigation of Negative Economic Consequences Caused by Coronavirus in Canton Sarajevo (the “Program”).

The Program encompasses several economic measures, divided into:

  • Direct
  • Credit and
  • Measures pertaining to economic relief.

The realization of short-term measures is currently in process, whilst the realization of mid-term measures (i.e. measures for supporting current liquidity of economy, measures for supporting economic revitalization and social-policy measures) shall be implemented in the upcoming period.

One of mid-term measures refers to supporting employers and their employees by subsidizing the part of salary for April and May 2020. The Public Call for granting of subsidies is published on 5 June 2020 and the deadline for filing an application is 10 days following the day of publishing the Public Call, i.e. 15 June 2020.


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