Law on Forests of the Canton Zeničko-Dobojski

Tax Alert, August 2013

The Law on Forests of the Canton Zeničko-Dobojski was published in the Official Gazette of the Canton Zeničko-Dobojski (hereinafter “ZDK”) no. 8/13 on the 18 July 2013 and entered into force on the 26 July 2013.

Pursuant to Article 52 paragraph 1 of the Law on Forests (“Official Gazette of ZDK", no. 8/13), all legal entities which are registered to conduct activities or which are headquartered within the territory of the ZDK, as well as parts of legal entities which are headquartered outside the territory of ZDK, but are performing activities within the territory of ZDK, are obliged to pay fee for the beneficial functions of forests in amount of 0, 07% of their total annual profit.

Please note that the above obligation related to payment of fees for the beneficial functions of forests does not apply to: users of state forests and forest lands, public institutions, humanitarian organizations, associations and foundations (except those which are profit oriented), and legal entities that employ more than 50% of disabled persons (regardless of whether they are profit oriented or not).

The fee referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article shall be paid quarterly based on the year-end financial statements.

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