New Rulebooks in the field of occupational health and safety

Tax news, February 2023

On 8 February 2023, the following rulebooks have been published in the "Official Gazette of the Federation of B&H", no. 9/23:

  • Rulebook on the Content and Method of Submitting a Report on Work Injury and Occupational Disease (the “Rulebook 1”) and
  • Rulebook on the Procedure of Assigning Employees to Increased-risk Jobs and the Procedure of Previous and Periodic Medical Examinations of Employees who Perform Increased-risk Jobs (the “Rulebook 2”).

We hereby point out some of the most significant novelties brought the Rulebook 1 and the Rulebook 2:

  1. The new form and content of report on work injury and occupational disease has been determined, as well as respective duties of the employer and the employee, which form an integral part of the Rulebook 1.
  2. Rulebook 2 regulates jobs and respective working conditions, as well as procedures on assignment of employees to increased-risk jobs.
  3. General and specific elements of previous and periodic medical examinations have been prescribed, in accordance with the programs referred to in Annexes II and III, which are integral parts of the Rulebook 2.
  4. New forms for the procedure of previous and periodic medical examinations for employees who perform increased-risk jobs, have been published*.

*Reports on previous and periodic medical examinations, issued pursuant to the Rulebook on Conditions for Determining Workplaces with Special Working Conditions and Medical Examinations of Employees Employed in such Workplaces (“Official Gazette of SRB&H”, no. 2/91), remain in force until the occurrence of obligation to perform a new periodic medical examination, calculated in line with the deadlines prescribed in Annex III by Article 11, para (2) of this Rulebook.

Rulebooks entered into force on 9 February 2023. By the commencement of application of both Rulebooks, previous rulebooks in force as of 1991, that regulate the same matter, cease to apply.


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