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Deloitte Solution Center (DSC)


The Deloitte Solution Center develops and sustains prepackaged technology-based solutions for Deloitte Consulting. As a recognized leader in business-led technology innovations, our solutions apply the power of Deloitte to our clients by leveraging experience from all facets of Deloitte. These solutions are based on our deep industry experience and built with a focus on business functionality. They are designed to lower implementation risks and decrease time-to-value. Many of our solutions apply newer advanced technologies to the changing needs of the market.

Analytics Accelerator for Insurance (AAI)

This solution provides a working platform for delivering foundational business intelligence and analytic capabilities across major functions of an insurance carrier through interactive dashboards, self-service business intelligence, and accelerators such as an enterprise data model, industry KPI’s, prepackaged dashboard and analytic demos, and a collection of implementation playbooks with project deliverables tailored for the insurance sector. 


  • Allows your company to focus more time on key differentiating requirements
  • Drives user adoption and mitigates project risk - Closing major functionality gaps that previously put business requirements at risk and brings the design to life even during early design phases of the project
  • Focuses on driving even greater trade spend and settlement effectiveness using new analytical capabilities
  • Reduces administrative/manual integration burdens, which can be refocused on customer analytics and other value driving activities
  • Increases our project efficiency by utilizing a consistent approach for solving common requirements across technology vendors

Read more about this solution and watch a brief video here.

Contact Tami Frankenfield, Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP for more information.

Analytics Accelerator for Insurance

Banking Executive Data Quality Dashboard

The Banking Executive Data Quality Dashboard helps banks measure and monitor their data quality while making minimal changes to their existing solution. The dashboard in the solution has been designed to give an overarching view of a bank’s data quality issues with the ability to drill down to the lowest level needed to make decisions and perform analysis. Additionally, it measures compliance with industry data standards such as MISMO. It includes a set of accelerators including pre-built mechanisms for calculating data quality scores and financial exposure, defined business hierarchies for easy reporting, pre-defined key business elements to apply focus to the most important data, and pre-defined business rules and rules execution engine used to identify data quality issues.

  • The Banking Executive Data Quality Dashboard Helps reduce time to implementation
  • Enables successful completion of projects that use SAP CRM as their core technology, and reduces the time to go-live from 9 - 12 months to 4 - 6 months
  • Expedites clients through the design and build project phases to integration testing
  • Provides a competitive advantage on full-suite SAP projects where fast-start projects are key to driving quick value generation
  • Reduces project risk

Read more about this solution here.

Contact Omer Sohail, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP for more information.

Banking Executive Data Quality Dashboard

Independent Testing Services

Deloitte’s Independent Testing Services solution provides top grade testing services to extended delivery clients using a flexible, global delivery strategy, and couples industry contextualization with our testing experience in specific areas: test automation, standing up quality engineering centers of excellence, agile testing, mobility testing, process automation, and test data management.  Within each of the six areas we have accelerators, frameworks, and roadmaps based on best practices and prior experiences.  The people, process, technology/tools aspects are addressed in the approaches for these offerings, and provide a differentiated experience for our clients based on our deep industry knowledge.

Value propositions

  • Provide a balance of industry depth and low-cost test execution resources, leading to a lower total cost for testing
  • Balance quality vs. speed
  • Provide a flexible delivery model for delivery of testing services
  • Increase long-term coverage and efficiency through the use of test automation

Contact Al Kagan, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP for more information

Independent Testing Services solution

SAP Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution

Deloitte’s Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution for SAP is implemented on the latest SAP versioned technologies, fully integrated with master data, pricing, financials, demand planning and reporting, and has been configured / enhanced to enable not only leading practice TPM processes.  The solution incorporates robust analytics to drive better trade spend decision making as well as a more intuitive user experience to drive better adoption by users.  While this solution can be used as a rich accelerator throughout the lifecycle of a project, it is especially useful during the early project phases by bringing the design to life for stakeholders rather than forcing them to imagine it based on a generic vanilla environment, a slide, or worse, a blank whiteboard.

Value propositions:

The SAP TPM solution is available to our clients as an accelerator and is especially useful during the initial phases of a project by bringing the design to life for stakeholders. The TPM solution addresses the bigggest challenge of user adoption that many SAP TPM projects face by:

  • Offering an easy and intuitive user experience for sales users resulting in higher adoption rate
  • Offering a modular design that reduces time to value by reducing build time on projects
  • Providing the capability to create a more intuitive and mobile user experience for time sensitive actions to be performed on a mobile device.
  • Integrating with Deloitte’s Pricing, Promotion, and Profitability Advanced Analytics Suite which provides rich insights far beyond typical “reporting” capabilities

Read more about this solution here.

Contact Robert Apikyan, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP for more information.