Making an impact that matters

2015 Global Report

This year’s report features the many ways our organization makes an impact that matters—for clients, for our people, and for society—as we pursue our aspiration to become the undisputed leader in professional services.

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    Fresh perspectives enhance the audit

    Data analytics, visualization techniques, and artificial intelligence are dramatically changing the way Deloitte is able to approach and conduct audits—and are making the vocation significantly more attractive to both students and young professionals.

    Life at Deloitte

    Building careers that matter

    The cornerstone of Deloitte’s global talent strategy is the development of inspirational, world-class leaders at all levels. To achieve this vision, the Deloitte network continues to make significant investments in the design and delivery of an inclusive, world-class learning experience.

    Case studies

    Cybersecurity is a team sport

    Cyber breaches aren’t just a technologist’s problem. Deloitte Cyber Risk Services prepares and validates an organization’s overall cyber resilience from the boardroom, to the war room, to the individual employee, to the organization’s stakeholders and customers.

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    Every Deloitte professional, from the newest assistant to the most senior leader, must comply with well-established policies and procedures to ensure their independence. Regulators demand it. Clients need it. The public expects it. So, we deliver it. Read more in the Global Report.

    Case studies

    Delivering service that matters

    Deloitte aims to be potential clients’ first choice when they’re looking for an auditor’s auditor. When they need the confidence to take decisive action and achieve transformative results. When they require deep knowledge on complex tax issues. When they are facing a bet-the-company challenge.

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    Deloitte's Purpose

    Deloitte is led by a purpose: to make an impact that matters. This purpose inspires Deloitte professionals and will help us achieve our global strategy of being the undisputed leader in professional services. Read more in Deloitte’s 2015 Global Report.

    Punit Renjen

    CEO, Deloitte Global


    Reporting process and materiality

    The Deloitte network’s continuous engagement with key internal and external stakeholders was supplemented in FY2015 by a structured stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment.

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    The edge of tomorrow

    The Edge, Deloitte Netherlands’ Amsterdam location, is a model of sustainability. It’s also one of the smartest office buildings in existence, making it a popular place for professionals—and would-be employees.