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Living and working in Barbados

Life in the Caribbean

Barbados is the quintessential Caribbean island. A warm tropical climate is tempered by trade winds that blow in from the Atlantic and miles of sandy beaches give way to inland areas which are dotted by sugarcane plantations and tropical forests. A land of diversity, this island may be small in area but large on hospitality.

Barbados has been an independent country since 1966 but the effects of being a British Colony are still evident. The official language of Barbados is English and many of the current government systems are modeled after those of England. As a result, many expatriates from the UK live in Barbados although there are also many people from Europe, Canada, USA, as well as South America who have made this islands their home. There is a wide array of recreational activities available including world class golf courses, a myriad of restaurants, bars and nightlife and all the water activities you can imagine - there really is something for everyone! Cricket football and tennis are very popular, or for those who want to take it slower, there are always walks along the beaches or exploring any of the Island’s quaint towns.

Barbados is home to both international and local investors and companies seeking professional services from global providers and Deloitte is proud to be playing its part, supporting national economic growth. Consistently highly ranked in the Human Development Index, Barbados is a lure to many who wish to move away from overpopulated urban centers or poor climates for a lifestyle that allows for outdoor living and a healthier atmosphere. Barbados has a stable economy, modern health care, education facilities and a high standard of living.

Professionals based at Deloitte Barbados, in turn benefit from a funded medical scheme and subsidized gym membership, financial support for professional examinations, paid study leave, an active sports and social club and strong community involvement. Flexibility and the support required for growth is part of the culture here. It should however be noted that the Income Tax rate for individuals is 25% of taxable earning, exclusive of social security costs. You will require a work permit to work in Barbados as a foreign citizen and this usually takes about 6-8 weeks to process. Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Nationals, equipped with a CARICOM Skills Certificate, can seek recognition, resulting in unlimited approval to live and work here.

Defining your career path is made easy knowing that as your goals change, you have the freedom and mobility to shift your career across different business disciplines within Deloitte. The Firm fosters a culture where continuing professional development is encouraged and supported. Whatever your aspirations, we'll help create a flexible plan that will adapt with your evolving needs. Forward mobility is an attainable goal for high performers, as are opportunities to move interdepartmentally within the firm. We offer competitive annual base salaries and discretionary performance bonuses, plus a full range of benefits including medical coverage, financial support for professional examinations, and a competitive relocation package.

The question to ask isn't why should you join Deloitte in Barbados, it's why not?

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