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Competitive­­ness: Catching the next wave


Sub-Saharan Africa is primed for an era of sustainable growth, with the pace of growth potentially surpassing most regions of the world. Industry strength in mining, agriculture, and oil production, as well as a rapidly growing pool of young, educated people ready to enter the workforce, position the region to gather speed and create greater opportunities for its rapidly growing population.

Deloitte’s latest competitiveness report examines the key sectors offering strong opportunities for driving Africa’s “next wave” of growth over the next 30 years from three of the region’s most important economies and regional hubs: South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya.

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Major opportunities are unfolding across Sub-Saharan Africa to generate stronger economic growth, improve the lives of its people, and become important hubs of global trade. However, several critical issues must be addressed in order to achieve this level of competitiveness, including the government’s ability to curb corruption, reduce economic inequality, and implement policies committed to social inclusion. Competitiveness: Catching the next wave Africa, a new report by Deloitte, highlights the key industry sectors, economies and regional hubs that will help power the next wave of sustainable growth.

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